6 Lighting Control Features That Will Change Your (Home) Life

The other day I was channel surfing and came across an episode of Star Trek. It wasn’t one of the most recent versions of the legendary series; this was full-on nostalgic TV. I'm talking this was the classic original, with William Shatner delivering a near-Shakespearean Captain Kirk performance. Something occurred to me while watching. Elements of the futuristic show pre-dated a lot of realities that we have today in our everyday lives. It inspired this blog post - stay with me here.


As Spock approached a doorway, for example, the environment knew his movements and automatically opened doors and activated lighting in his path. Scotty logged into specialized USS Enterprise system controls through voice activation. And Kirk kissed an alien woman, which has nothing to do with this story.

How did Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry seem to know that such wild technology would someday exist? The whole thing struck me as fantastic, especially since I have such a passion for Smart Homes and, more specifically, controlled lighting that brings sophistication, ambiance, energy efficiency, and convenience to any home.

There are six key benefits that AVX clients appreciate most in their home’s lighting control system. All are achievable with the modern smart bulbs, control panels, apps, and know-how that AVX brings to every customer.

1. Ambiance

When considering how lighting control can impact the aesthetic of your home, it’s important to think creatively. Walk around and ask yourself things like, “What would dress up the entryway of the house when visitors arrive? What soothing effects are possible in the bedrooms? How can light enhance movie night in the family room?”

There’s really no end to the questions you can ponder, and AVX has heard them all – so a home consultation can really jumpstart the process. For example, we’ll explain how smart bulbs can deliver a whopping 16 million colors to match the mood for any scene that happens under your roof. You’ll appreciate little touches, like how you can program the lights in your TV room or home theater to come up when you press pause on the TV remote – then dim down when you hit play. It’s even possible to simulate a sunrise in a room or the ambiance of a crackling fire. The possibilities are endless.

2. Energy Efficiency

home lighting controlIt’s simple: By turning lights on and off automatically, you’ll decrease your energy bills by making sure lights are only on when a room is occupied, and turn off when you’re nowhere in sight. One method we recommend is to group your lights together by room or zone. For example, you can schedule all your lights in the basement, kitchen, or wherever to go dark at a pre-set time when you’re calling it a day. For a nice relaxing wake-up call, you can program your bedroom lights to come on slowly when you need to start your day – complete with a nice cheerful hue that you can select based on your tastes.

It’s not only artificial light that you can control. Programmable, automatic shades on windows and skylights can also be tied into your lighting schematic so you can make the most of sunlight and its ability to not only transform your space visually – but to also impact your home’s cooling (shade) or heating (passive solar) for additional energy savings. 

3. Security

Your house is your castle, and you want it to be the safest place on earth when you’re at home with your family – and when you’re away. Lighting control is critical for this mission, and using “vacation mode” is a great way to use smart lights as a theft deterrent. When enabled, interior and exterior lights will turn on and off randomly, creating the normal appearance that you’re at home.

Another must-have function for any light control system is motion activation. That way, anyone snooping around where they ought not to be will be treated to a bright awakening that somebody (even if it’s the eyes in the sky) is watching.

4. Ease

You speak and your light control system will answer because the technology tethers to voice-recognition devices like Alexa. So, next time you walk into your house with your arms full of groceries, just tell your house to turn on whatever lights you need. 

You can also set the mood in any room. Having an intimate dinner? Tell the dining room lights to dim down to 30 percent. At bedtime, tell the whole house that it’s “lights-out” with a single command. Conversely, if you’re arriving home after dark, there’s no need to walk into a pitch-black environment. You can just light up the place with a simple command.

5. Versatility

Smart home automation from AVX goes well beyond the light bulbs in your fixtures. Everything we design also includes careful consideration for every automated system, appliance, nook, and cranny in your home. That includes in-house music, home theater, HVAC units, and much more. So, approach your light control with everything else in mind, such as your needs while in the garage, task lights in your mechanical room, shop and laundry room, up and down stairways, and even things like outdoor lighting in the garden with full connectivity to an automated/controllable sprinkler system.

6. Customizability

If you can dream it, AVX can build it. Think beyond interiors. Smart lighting knows no boundaries. Develop a lighting scheme that illuminates the deck, sidewalk, hot tub, tennis court, or whatever. Bring life to sculptures, bird baths or rose bushes in the backyard. And don’t overlook perimeter lighting on the property that’s synched with your home’s security alarm system.

For more bright ideas on lighting control for you and your family, catch up on some old episodes of Star Trek. Or, better yet, contact an expert like AVX to schedule an in-home visit.

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Published on Mar 25, 2019 7:46:00 PM

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