VIDEO: Spring Break Plans? Protect Your Home Now

Whether you install video monitoring or touch-pad security, protecting your home over Spring Break is priceless when it comes to peace of mind. You can receive alerts direct to your phone, tablet, or a smartwatch that notifies you if anything is amiss or alarming and needs attention.

 VIDEO: Control Your House with Your Apple Watch

In the second half of 2018 alone, Apple shipped 3.5 million Apple Watches, a 30 percent increase over the same time period the year before. Are you one of the millions of consumers who owns that certain piece of tech? You're in good company.

 VIDEO: Bluetooth Adaptability for Your Fleet

Bluetooth connectivity in your car is no longer about convenience - it's a required safety feature. Watch Rich Erkens of Audio Video Extremes share how equipping your service vehicle with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto is the smartest things you can do for your service fleet.

 VIDEO: The Truth About Home Invasion Statistics

We might be in the home stretch of winter's long, dark days but we're still aways from those golden 9 pm sunsets of summer. Crime rates increase with darkness and the lack of light just adds another layer of insecurity when you're coming and going. At AVX, we have two words for you: home automation.

 The Future of In-Car Entertainment

In preparation for a new era in motoring and in-car entertainment, many manufacturers are considering the windshield as the perfect future viewing platform for video content, games, navigation, and AR (Augmented Reality) systems.

 What A/V Upgrades Your Boat Needs in the Offseason

The good news is that warm days and cool water are right around the corner. There’s just nothing like summer in Minnesota, and my boat is ready for action.

 What Your Super Bowl Party Needs

Millions of gridiron super-fans gather in rowdy groups every year to watch the king of competitions: The Super Bowl.