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'Tis the season of stressing out over what to gifts to get. We may not know what your 6-year-old wants, but the techie in your family? Read on — the holiday's just got a little bit easier.

Best Technology Gifts


The type of tech you purchase will depend on who the techie is, but there's one gift everyone will love... a remote car starter.

I think everyone can agree that there are few things worse than sliding onto those cold leather seats only for them to finally get warm right as you pull into work.

A remote start is a practical gift that keeps on giving. Warmth by the touch of a button has so many benefits, and there are a lot of affordable options. So, if you are stuck, this is a safe option. Unless they already have a remote start... in that case, turn to the options below for inspiration!

Tech Gifts for Men

Has a man in your life been trying to improve their man cave? Or customize their vehicle? The holidays are the perfect time to help him out. Here are some gifts sure to fill any tech-loving man with joy.

Sony TV

Smart TV

Easiest way to bring any room to the next level? A new smart TV. Give him the power to angrily stream all of his favorite shows after watching his favorite team lose...again. All in HD!

Car Speakers

We spend a lot of time in the car, so new speakers for his vehicle are a really fun gift. The New York Post reported that the average American actually spends 152 hours per year in their vehicle. Why not make those 152 hours more enjoyable?

Some of our favorite brands are listed on our website. But there are so many options — you will have to decide what features he wants the most.

Nintendo Switch

Is he a kid at heart? Switch it up from the typical gifts and surprise him with a Nintendo Switch. This is one of the coolest gaming systems that has come out in awhile. There are a ton of games, both single player and multiplayer, so he can enjoy some alone time in that man cave, or make memories with others!

Tech Gifts for Dad

Speaking of men we love.. Dad. What do you get the man who has given you everything?

Automated Lighting

Automated lighting, of course! Whether he is in a more vulnerable place in his life, or he just hates paying those high electricity bills... or both! Giving him the ability to control his lights with the touch of a button is a thoughtful way to show him you care. Gifts that make life easier are always a home run!

Wireless Charger

wireless charging pad with phoneA wireless charger is incredibly convenient, especially ones that have a faster charging speed than the typical wired charger. He will be able to toss his phone on the charging pad without worrying about any bent cords. Many wireless chargers also have a light, so there is no more fumbling at night to plug their phone in.

TV watching headphones

Noise cancelling headphones that can be wirelessly connected to the TV will allow him to hear his shows without turning the TV volume up to an ear-bursting volume. Plus, it gives a more personal watching experience. There are so many options it is hard to choose a favorite. But, whichever you choose, I'm sure he will love it.

Tech Gifts for Her

She does so much and deserves to feel special. Spoil the women in your life this holiday season with these thoughtful tech gifts.


Woman with Airpods in

AirPods are in style and under a lot of trees this year. With their sleek look and wireless form, they are perfect for listening on the go. Although more expensive than the average pair of ear buds, they provide very rich, high-quality audio and microphone capabilities. Plus, they are super easy to set up with your Apple devices.

Animal Lover?

Is she an animal lover? Consider purchasing a dog camera.

The Furbo Dog Camera is a popular product in this category. Not only can she check up on her precious pup through video, she can speak to them and give treats through the app. Plus, this device can double as a security camera, allowing you to turn on alerts for when a person comes into view of the camera. Have an Alexa speaker? You can even set commands through Alexa for how often to toss your furry friend a treat.

Phone Printing

Being able to print out those fun family photos on the spot is so convenient. The Kodak Instant Phone Printer allows her to print high quality 4x6 photos wirelessly, straight from her phone! Plus, it's portable so she can bring it with to the cabin and give other family members a 4x6 copy of the memories to take home with them. Of course there are other brands that have made this device, but the Kodak machine seems to be one of the best devices for high quality pictures.

Tech Gifts for Mom

Hey, Alexa

Smart speakers have taken the tech world by storm this year. An Amazon Echo or a Google Home device is a more affordable way to shower your mom with love. Both products allow you to control your smart home with your voice, which is pretty awesome.

Video Doorbell

video door bellGive her the power to see who is at the door without even getting up. A video doorbell is an excellent security measure for any home. This tech gives you peace of mind from near or far- making it one of the top tech gifts this year. The Ring Video Doorbell is the most affordable option while still not compromising quality. And, again, it works with Alexa, making it extremely easy to control.

Smart Garden

Does she love to garden but live in a climate that it isn't possible all year round? A smart garden is a great tool that allows you to have fresh spices and herbs all year round! The Smart Garden 9 is a great gift that comes with refillable pods for easy gardening, even in below 0 weather.

Gifts for Techies

There are so many options, but this year connectivity and convenience are huge. If you can find a high tech gift that makes their life easier or richer, they will love it!

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Published on Dec 27, 2019 8:00:00 AM

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