I had a dream last night that I was out on the boat. Then I woke up, feeling cheated that I was yanked from that dreamy bliss. Well, the good news is that warm days and cool water are right around the corner. There’s just nothing like summer in Minnesota, and my boat is ready for action. It’s as wired to hit the water as I am.

Is Your Rig Ready?

Pontoon cruising on a riverIf not, there’s plenty of time to customize it with a powerful audio system and other marine electronics that’ll make the summer of 2019 the best one you’ve ever had. It starts with a phone call to a marine audio & electronics expert. Yes, like AVX. The first thing I’ll ask is “Tell me about your boat and how you use it?”

Naturally, the audio and instrument package for a Premier pontoon built for mellow cruising is a different animal than decking out a high-testosterone Tigé wake-maker or a Ranger bass boat. Have a houseboat or vintage Chris Craft? We outfit those too.

Let’s Get Started

Once we know about your boat and lake lifestyle, we’ll work together to create the perfect electronics package. It begins with having the right 12, 24, or 36V deep-cycle power plant and a precise onboard charger to keep all those juices topped off. We can even outfit your boat with solar solutions that’ll keep the batteries energized on those long sunny days.

Wide Receiver Selection

Next, we’ll visit the showroom and walk you through the marine stereo selection. You'll want to buy a marine-grade receiver with a coated circuit board and a water-resistant (or waterproof) faceplate to ensure trouble-free performance on the lakes. For premium sound, we recommend receivers with a high CD signal-to-noise ratio, a wide frequency response, and plenty of RMS power. If you intend to listen to a lot of radio, knowing the FM sensitivity spec is important too. The lower, the better.

A few other must-have features include line-level outputs for sending signals to an external amplifier, a waterproof remote to control the sound from anywhere in the boat, and of course SiriusXM satellite radio – which delivers crisp reception even if you're floating in the middle of Lake Superior.

Many marine receivers are satellite radio-ready, which means you can add an external tuner (mounted out of sight) and run the cable into the radio. Or, you can opt for a plug-and-play satellite radio tuner that can transfer from your boat to car to home.

Get Amped

Many marine receivers come with built-in 4-way amplifiers. However, if you’re gonna be cranking the tunes, you won’t regret adding an external amp to your boat. It boosts the power to drive even the most robust speaker systems and subwoofers. We’ll find a nice, out-of-the-way location to mount the amp – so you won’t even know it’s there until you spin that volume knob.

Catch Some Big Bass

A powerful marine subwoofer will pound out the bass beats to keep your floating party flowing. Free-air rated component subs or enclosed subwoofers are good options if your boat has challenging mounting locations. If you decide to not add an external amplifier, then you’ll definitely want a powered enclosed subwoofer.

It’s important that your sub and every speaker in the boat be marine-rated with plastic cones and rubber surrounds for maximum weather protection. Speaker location is critical too. For example, if your speakers are near your boat’s compass, they should be magnetically shielded. Bet ya didn’t know that.

You’re Grounded

Grounding all the electrical components on a boat can be a challenge, especially since not all boats have dedicated grounding plates. Not to worry. AVX takes care of all those details and naturally uses only marine-rated, tinned wiring to resist corrosion.

No Boat in Your Bay?

Don't have a boat in your bay? Well, how about that ATV in your garage? We can also equip your side-by-side ATV with stellar speaker and Bluetooth options to make your next ride one to remember. Our team at AVX takes pride in developing your optimal experience, whether that be for your boat or your ATV hanging out in the garage.

Beyond Marine Audio Systems

What else do you want in your boat? Depth finder(s)? GPS? A power inverter? No problem, AVX can handle all that installation too. Just call or stop in for a consultation and we’ll shoot you a quote. But act quick, because that glorious summer heat is coming fast.

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Published on Feb 13, 2019 12:37:57 PM

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