The task at hand

Smart homes are increasing in popularity every day, but there are two schools of thought on how to tackle a smart home project. The first school of thought is to hire a smart home installer like AVX to handle all of your upgrades. This eliminates the requirement to double check compatibility, wiring, and network needs. 

A smart home installer takes all of the stress and time management that comes along with a DIY smart home and throws it out the window. Employing a company also ensures that the person installing your equipment has the expertise necessary to handle any unexpected hiccups when setting up your home. 

The second school of thought is home automation DIY. DIY (Do It Yourself) is the practice of performing all of the upgrades on your own. While this is a great solution for people with experience in installing smart home equipment, sometimes having an expert can save you time, money, and energy. 

Saving money is a definite perk, but we've seen a few cases of hubris in our time as a home automation installer. The important thing is to know your limitations and think hard about the perks of both schools of thinking before making a decision. 

In this blog, we'll empower you to learn about both avenues for setting up a smart home. We'll ask you some key questions in order to determine which course of action you should take. If you find yourself with questions about your own home, you can always contact us with those questions. 

The Diy smart home

Home automation DIY is great for those who have had experience installing smart home equipment in the past. Many times, you can find video tutorials online of people installing smart home products. If you're the resident handy-person of your home, then DIY home automation can be a fantastic solution to save on cost and still receive the products you want. 

Cheap home automation is hard to find, but it gets easier when you don't have to rely on a professional installer. DIY home automation systems cut cost by having the purchaser do all of the legwork. If you're looking to benefit from this cost saving practice, it's best to have the required expertise. If you're a little lacking in experience, it might be best to select cheap home automation products that require minimum installation. 

Bringing in the experts

DIY home automation systems aren't for everybody. In fact, sometimes it can be necessary to hire an installer for some of the more tricky products on the market. There are plenty of products that require specific modifications to your home's infrastructure. For example, we offer a prewiring service to ensure that your smart home products will be compatible with your home's internal wiring.

Smart Phone Automation

More complex home automation necessitates more complex modification. If you don't know how to do these modifications, then it can benefit you to pair with an installer to tackle your project. 

Some people may choose to maximize their cheap home automation by installing these complex products by themselves. It's important to note that sometimes doing these installations cheaply will result in a cheap result. You may even also cause damage to your home, and the repair cost will greatly outweigh the cost of pairing with a home installer in the first place. 

Making the decision

You might be asking, "If both schools of thought have benefits and drawbacks, how do I make my decision?" Here is a quick checklist to make sure that you want to do home automation DIY. 

  • You want to save cost, even if it comes with risk
  • You have personal experience installing equipment in your home
  • Your home infrastructure doesn't need upgrading
  • You have the time and energy to build your DIY smart home

Perhaps you're considering partnership with an installer, in that case, here are a few things to consider instead. 

  • You have the budget to pair with an installer
  • You don't want to spend a lot of time on a home project
  • You don't have a lot of experience with home automation
  • Your home needs a few upgrades prior to installation

If you're researching ways to turn your home into a time-saving, automated dwelling place, then contact us for a quote on turning your home into the one from your dreams. 

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Published on Mar 9, 2020 7:56:00 AM

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