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Some days it feels like “every man for himself” at your home. Everyone's fighting in the thermostat war — he turns it up; she turns it down. Does it ever end? With a smart home climate control system, it can.

We get a lot of questions about smart homes, especially this time of year. When it comes to climate control, homeowners want to know: Should the air be on, or should the heat be on? The last thing you want to do is make your spouse, your kids, or yourself uncomfortable.

Watch the AVX Climate Control Video below to learn how smart home climate control works, and how you can end the war in your home.


Control Heating and Cooling with Control4

Gone are the days of waking up freezing because your partner was too warm last night and turned down the heat. Smart home tech allows you to regulate your home's climate with ease.

The Control4 app gives you the freedom to regulate temperatures throughout your home with the push of a button on your smart device. These wireless thermostats maintain a consistent temperature in your home and provide humidity control throughout.

Best of all, you can lock the control panel so your kids don’t get any bright ideas to change the thermostat when you’re not around.

Let the Smart Home do the Work

Electric fireplaceIt’s Friday evening. You’ve just had a long week of hard work, and you’re ready to kick your feet up and enjoy yourself. Smart home technology can help you relax. With smart tech, you can start up your fireplace using any connected device. It’s fast and easy — all you have to worry about is which book you’ll be reading next to the fire.

And don't forget, with warmer temperature around the corner, the sun is sure to be blazing. That means hotter days with sun beaming down on your yard and your house, increasing its temp. With automated window shades and outdoor sprinklers, you can better prepare your home for those soon-to-be scorching summer days.

A Time Before Automated Climate Control

It’s hard to believe there was a time before automated home climate control. You’d forget to set the thermostat at night and wake up too hot or too cold. Without automated regulation for your thermometer, the temperature would fluctuate constantly, sometimes heating and cooling at the same time. These fluctuations could cost you hundreds of dollars. Why waste that kind of money? A smart home climate control system saves you time and money.

End the Thermostat Rollercoaster

Do yourself a favor and end the headache your thermostat troubles cause. Speak with a team member at AVX to learn more about how climate control automation technology can help you in your new or existing home, and end the thermostat war once and for all.

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Published on May 28, 2019 3:17:00 PM

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