The Future of In-Car Entertainment

We know technology and we know electronics and with it, we know the future of our business is always looming large with new innovations and tech advancements. 

Take the movie Minority Report featuring Tom Cruise released in 2002. 17 years ago, the film was futuristically set in the year 2054. Director Steven Spielberg enlisted the help of 15 experts on what they envisioned the modern world would look like by that date. One of the film's biggest technologies featured was autonomous cars, or self-driving vehicles. 

Today, brands like Tesla and its Autopilot capability are pushing the world closer to Spielberg's vision. Sure, a day is coming when every vehicle on the road will drive itself. “Drivers” may someday be able to legally watch movies, work on laptops, or even grab a cat-nap while a smart car safely delivers them from point A to B. In preparation for a new era in motoring and in-car entertainment, many manufacturers are considering the windshield as the perfect future viewing platform for video content, games, navigation, and AR (Augmented Reality) systems.

What About Today’s Reality?

smart car technologyUntil that time arrives, alert drivers have audio to keep themselves entertained on the road — whether it’s listening to music, podcasts, news, books, or whatever. Did you know Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year?

If you spend your drive time listening to the OEM sound system that came with your vehicle, you’re truly missing out. That’s because auto manufacturers trim their production costs on all models by outfitting them with very basic systems. They might sound OK at first to the average Joe, but once you listen to the quality of truly-premium audio technology, well, that’s when you hear what you’ve been missing. Aftermarket sound is so superior that the in-car entertainment market is expected to soon be worth around $35 billion. That number will only go up as self-driving autonomous cars become a reality.

The Now Sound

As a collection of innovative car audio geeks, AVX is preparing for tomorrow — but we’re also here today to pump as much crisp, powerful sound into your vehicle as possible. It all starts with a visit to AVX and an assessment of your needs. We get to know you, to develop an understanding of who you are when you’re behind the wheel. After all, if one driver is a fan of Beethoven and another guy cranks out the Beastie Boys, those two cats will have very specialized sound system needs. Some questions we’ll ask include:

  • Do you want to improve your sound while keeping your factory stereo?
  • Would you rather ditch the factory stereo and start from scratch?
  • How important is bass to your listening preferences?
  • What’s your average volume setting?
  • What is your estimated budget?

Your Ride

Designing for a Subaru Coupe and a Chevy Suburban are two different animals. Based on what you drive and what you listen to, we can identify what your ideal power levels are and where speaker placement will be optimal.

If all you do is replace your factory speakers with premiums, you’ll hear a serious improvement to the sound coming from your factory stereo. If that doesn’t get you jazzed enough, then we’ll specify an amplifier that uses speaker level inputs. It’s likely that your factory stereo lacks preamp outputs, so you’ll need one with speaker level inputs to basically act like a power bridge between your factory head unit and your new speakers.

When you graduate to using amplifiers, it’s the perfect time to add a subwoofer too. This will give you that rich, powerful bass — for music played as it was meant to be heard.

From Scratch

If you decide to create an entirely new sound system from the ground up, it begins with the replacement of the factory stereo. AVX will work with you to determine the perfect unit, and explain how important it is to consider options like iPod controls — which you’ll really appreciate down the road.

With a head unit selected, our expertise kicks in and we’ll specify all the innovative components that perform harmoniously with it — including all amps, full-range and/or component speakers, and subwoofers. The key is to have a system where no speaker is neither overpowered nor underpowered.

Future Considerations

After installing your futuristic sound system, you’ll experience three thoughts:

  1. I love it.
  2. I want to keep it and put it in whatever vehicle I own next.
  3. Will the removal of the system affect the resale value of my current ride?

We’re way ahead of you at AVX. Whether you’ll own your car for 10 years or if you’re in a two-year lease, we take the steps necessary to keep your mind at ease for #2 & 3 listed above. We use wiring harnesses that are specifically designed for your vehicle to plug into the original factory wiring. So, if you’re selling or moving your system into another vehicle, you won’t have to cut any of the wires in your car stereo system. It ensures that you can pop the original factory stereo back into the vehicle dash any time you want.

In-Car Entertainment — Beyond Stereo

In addition to sound, AVX offers a complete line of vehicle video systems too. We can outfit you with single and dual DVD units, as well as overhead and headrest options. We even provide custom color-matching dye solutions that make our work look like original, factory equipment.

We also offer Bluetooth car kits that allow you to link your phone to your vehicle’s sound, video, and navigation systems for hands-free control when doing everything from making calls to streaming music. We can integrate these options into your existing factory system on all makes and models.

There’s an old saying that says “The future is now.” When it comes to innovative in-car entertainment, in terms of sound systems, one could argue that’s true. The pure, powerful, live-concert sound coming out of today’s technology will blow your socks off.

As for everything else related to the autonomous, self-driving cars of the future? Well, we’ll see about that. But one thing’s for certain: AVX will be right there making your road trips the best they can be.

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Published on Feb 15, 2019 8:29:00 AM

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