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Automatic starters for your car are definitely not what they used to be. Do you remember when they first came out? The cost was often too high for most individuals; you were also limited to how close you needed to stand to the vehicle for it to work. That doesn’t seem ideal for these harsh winter conditions, does it? Not much of a point to having an automatic car starter in cold, cold Minnesota if you have to go outside to start it anyway — especially with freezing temperatures always creeping in, even during the springtime.

Good thing that’s no longer the case. Now you can use these devices and stay warm in the comfort of your home. Everyone wants to be comfortable, including Mom. And what better way to treat Mom so she may stay comfortable in her vehicle year-round than buying her a car starter for Mother’s day? Or any other day of the year?


Stay Warm with Remote Starters

Car in SnowAre you sick and tired of the cold weather? Honestly, some days Minnesota weather still blows my mind. Just when you think we’re done with the winter tundra, we’ll receive snowfall in May. Does it ever end?

Regardless of how you feel about a cold breeze against your face, it’s still going to happen here. But we still love Minnesota. And to better equip ourselves for some of its colder days, it’s time you consider purchasing a remote car starter.

Start your engine from the comfort of your desk in your office; it’s convenient. Or maybe you or your spouse is a “Soccer Mom.” Step up your vehicle game and get it running while the kids are at their big sporting event. That way they can hop in and stay warm. And it’s a time-saver as well. Some days you’re just in a pinch; make your life easier with an automatic car starter.

Car Starters Also Help You Cool Your Vehicle Too

People often think of remote starts as only useful for heating your vehicle. Although they do a stellar job of this, they can actually cool off your car during some warm summer days. And those days are upon us (hopefully). But every season has its downfall; some days it’s just too hot.

Scorching seatbelts aren’t pleasant — for you or your kids. And it’s easily avoidable with an automatic car starter. Cool down your vehicle prior to getting in. It’ll make Mom happy knowing she’ll be comfortable not just in the cold months but also in the warmer climate.

Remote Car Installation from AVX

Installing a remote car starter into your vehicle is a simple process at AVX. We offer one-way and two-way remote starting options. And, these all come with a lifetime warranty. It’s all part of our mission to provide you with the best service we can.

Our team at AVX would be thrilled to assist you in setting your vehicle up with an automatic car starter to make Mother happy — not just on Mother’s Day but every day. After all, Mother knows best. Give her the gift she’ll love.

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Published on May 2, 2019 1:27:00 PM

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