pre-wired walls covered in sheetrock


Pre-Wiring is the act of proactively running necessary cable and wires for eventual connectivity throughout your space. We’ll work with your builder, architect, project manager, or designer to establish pre-wiring throughout your home before the sheetrock even goes up, because at AVX, we understand home building is hectic and an additional element is enough to make you want to scream. We also understand that there are things you can do while building your home that will save you many headaches in the future, and these things are always worth it.

Improve Functionality and Aesthetics

Pre-wiring improves functionality and aesthetics. This part of building your home takes care of those non-pleasing wires sticking out behind the TV and helps to guide you when setting your appliances up. In order to ensure maximum functionality, pre-wiring is a must. Why not pre-wire now and allow for functionality across multiple areas in your home?

A Smart Home Must

Pre-wiring for home automation is important if you plan to keep up with smart home trends. Technology is ever-changing, and pre-wiring your home will allow you to grow with technology. Save yourself the pain of rewiring your home five years down the road to accommodate the new technology you want to implement in your home. Even if your budget doesn't allow for all the gizmos and gadgets now, smart home wiring readies your home for when your budget has opened up for new technology.

HardWire vs. Wireless

Wireless is the craze right now. But, any professional will tell you that hardwiring is the way to go. Although futuristic, wireless connection is not nearly as reliable as a hardwired connection—especially in larger homes. Pre-wiring your home prevents future laggy connection frustrations. And don't worry about how to set up a smart home with wired connections; AVX has you covered.

The Verdict

Pre-wiring is not only a smart step for smart homes. The benefits outweigh the costs in every situation, even in the midst of overwhelming home-building. Whether you are sticking to your simple refrigerator and coffee pot, or you're opting to create a smart home, pre-wiring is a step that will benefit you now and in the future.

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Published on May 14, 2019 3:36:00 PM

Topics: Residential
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