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Winter is hard. It is cold, slippery, and always so busy. The last thing you want to do is to walk into a cold home, or even worry about walking into a cold home. A smart thermostat takes out all of the guess work to keep you warm and happy all winter long!

What is a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostat on wallA smart thermometer has one goal, to save. It saves energy, which saves you money. The smart thermostat has learning technology so that after about a week of use, it adapts to how you like your home.

Smart thermostats use high tech systems to control the temperature of your home. Many of them even adjust the temperature based on the weather outside, making heating and cooling your home more efficient than ever.

Smart Thermostat Benefits

Just like other smart home tech, there are truly so many benefits of using a smart thermostat. But I think the top three are saving money, saving energy, and convenience.


Because of its learning technology, it ends up saving you money. Temperature needs change. We want our home to be warm when we walk in, but it doesn't need to be that same temperature all day. A smart thermostat will continuously adjust the temperature so you aren't paying for heating or cooling that you don't need.


According to the Energy Information Administration, the average American used 10,972 kilowatthours (kWh) in 2018. Saving energy is good for your wallet, but even better for the environment.

As we said above, it saves you money by saving energy. It also keeps track of patterns in energy usage so that you can review changes in use, and change your habits so that you can use less energy.


Man laying on couch with phone in handSmart thermostats are so convenient. They also often have an app, allowing you to manually change the temperature without getting up. This makes your life so much easier. Not only does it guarantee that you will never come home to a cold house again, it makes it easy to do so. 

Control4 Smart Thermostat

Comfort plus the added benefit of home utility costs being considered, Control4's smart thermostat offers the best of all worlds in home environment management systems. In our opinion, it's the Swiss Army knife of home automation systems; it integrates with the most products meaning you can connect nearly everything to one streamlined platform. And by most products, we mean over 14,000 third party consumer devices. No matter what you're currently managing app-wise like your lights, garage doors, sound systems, security systems ... Control4 can manage all that for you with its simple, incredibly smart interface. 

But when it comes to heating, cooling, and comfort, Control4 smart thermostat is where it really shines. Whatever thermostat your home uses, Control4 grants you the easy ability to adjust the climate. Homeowners can control temperature, humidity, and fan settings from directly within your home or from anywhere in the world.

Occupancy Settings

Control4 does more than streamline climate control with its dynamic interface — it enables you to create customized set points (temperature ranges) and associate them with daily schedules or events in your home automation system. For example, you can program warming up your house 30 minutes before you come home from work or your kids get home from school, or it can automatically kick on whenever you enter your front door.

EcoBee Thermostat

There are many different brands of smart thermostats on the market and Control4 is a widely popular brand for good reason. Another one of our favorites is the EcoBee. But what makes it special? The Ecobee SmartThermostat is one of the most advanced and most popular smart thermostats on the market. It is sleek and easy to use from step one.

It is widely loved for many reasons. It is engineered to be compatible with nearly all heating and cooling systems, it is easily accessed in many different ways (app, voice control, etc), and it has the ability to efficiently use your AC to dehumidify your home. Not to mention it saves you up to 23% on energy costs every year.

The Ecobee also has temperature sensors so that it knows what temp it is in each room and can adjust accordingly. Another plus? It works with Control4 systems, which makes your life so much easier. This takes home connectivity to the next level, allowing you to have even more control over every inch of your home.

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Published on Jan 2, 2020 1:45:00 PM

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