What Your Super Bowl Party Needs

Millions of gridiron super-fans gather in rowdy groups every year to watch the king of competitions: The Super Bowl. They amass in people’s homes, consume mass amounts of hot wings and cold beer, cheer, high-five, celebrate, sulk, and swear. Yes, there’s plenty of loud cussing directed at the TV screen – and Super Bowl LIII between the Patriots and Rams no-doubt maintains that high-volume tradition.

What Your Super Bowl Party Needs How can you pump even more volume into the experience when your home is the host location for a knock-down, drag-out Super Bowl party? Try cranking it to 11 with 360-degree surround sound and a picture as big as your appetite for football! It’ll feel like you’re right on the sidelines for every helmet crash, grunt, crappy call, and crowd roar.

So, make the pledge: For Super Bowl LIV, your house is going to be the happening headquarters for action. And who knows? Maybe the Purple Pride will be on the field waging battle in 2020? Until we know that, know that AVX can have your house ready for game day. 

Go 4K Big or Go Home

Remember when your 1080P TV was the bomb-diggity? Well, you won’t believe how football, hockey, baseball, or any sport will look on a big 4K screen. Whether you go with a 75” TV or a new 4K Projection set-up, I promise you’ll have zero regrets. The picture is that amazing.

4K delivers 8.3 million pixels for image clarity that’s off-the-charts great, using a single DLP chip that delivers alignment-free projection for perfect image convergence. You get the highest possible contrast ratios, darker black-levels, more brilliant whites, and unprecedented, rich color depth.

When a ref throws a flag, you’ll be able to count the threads in the fabric. And the edge-to-edge image smoothness and supreme color accuracy make it feel like you’re sitting in the stadium without coughing up the dough for a ticket (average Super Bowl ticket price: $4,314!).

When the action stops for a commercial break, all those high-production Super Bowl ads will be that much better in 4K – especially the techy ones with sophisticated CG effects.

Feel the Sound

The picture is just one-half of the home theater experience. It’s nothing without high-def sound to go with the visual action. To achieve all-encompassing sound the way it’s meant to be heard, it’s not as simple as just plugging in a couple of speakers. It’s a science, and AVX is filled with a bunch of mad sound scientists.

For example, in a rectangular room with the screen on the far wall, do you know where the ideal locations are for your tweeters – for those crisp, high-frequency tones? We do. When a blitz takes down the quarterback with a gut-wrenching THUD, where should the subwoofers be to give you those bass beats that you can feel in your gut? We know where they go. The same goes for all the full-range speakers that fill the room with ultra-realism. Of course, we only spec out the perfect speakers for your pad from top brands like Focal, Paradigm, Martin Logan, Golden Ear, and Bose.

As the homeowner and future Super Bowl party host, you can just kick back and relax knowing that your sound system is in expert hands. And we don’t only think about the game day. The AVX strategy is always whole-home audio using Control4 technology to fill your house with sound and music whenever and wherever you want it. Control4 lets you easily stream content and operate all the controls from any device – including that smartphone that’s always within reach.

After the Game

The Super Bowl is over. Your guests are full of food, joy, and in many cases, beer. When the last vehicle (or Uber) pulls out of your driveway, and the dishes are done, and your house is restored to normalcy – your home theater remains to give you enjoyment for the long haul. Put those 8.3 million pixels and rich sound to good use on movies, music, and of course all of that post-Super Bowl hoopla until that next big game approaches the goal line.

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Published on Jan 28, 2019 9:01:00 AM

Topics: Entertainment, Technology, Residential
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