In the second half of 2018 alone, Apple shipped 3.5 million Apple Watches, a 30 percent increase over the same time period the year before. Are you one of the millions of consumers who own that certain piece of tech? You're in good company. I'm an avid fan of my own Apple Watch and wanted to share a few features and capabilities I love the most about my smartwatch. 

Technology is about making life easier. It's about evolving and trying new things. As a female in the consumer electronics and tech industry, I hear a lot of women say they're intimidated or scared to adopt new technology or learn how to program or respond to new things on the market. My advice is always to take it slow - one step at a time. Work in phases or processes as you feel it out. Don't assume you'll be a pro instantly. There's no rush. Keep going, be ever-learning, and open to new things.


1. Home Notifications with Control4

We're a tech-crazed society but that doesn't mean it's always easy (or acceptable!) to access our phones. I love getting notifications that my boys are home from school directly to my Apple Watch. If I can't answer a call or a text with my phone, I always have peace of mind they're home safe with the door closed behind them. 

Control4 App Open on an Apple Watch

Some of the best Control4 features include:

  • Actions: Single-button control of your most popular and used shortcuts and scenes to set a mood or make a quick change.
  • Media: See what audio or video that is playing in each room in your house and change volume, add additional rooms, or turn things off.
  • Thermostats: See all thermostats in your home, adjust the temperature, and apply presets.
  • Lighting: Control individual lights in any room of your house or activate lighting scenes that control many lights at the same time. 
  • Security: Check status of locks, unlock or lock doors, and open or close garage doors.
  • Local or Remote: Control your home from the comfort of your couch, or use your watch when you're away at work or traveling.

2. Health

Apple Watch can be your personal drill sergeant! No slacking here. I use my watch to monitor my movement - tracking my daily steps and setting reminders to step away from my desk to move, breath, or even stretch. Every little bit counts.

3. Communication

People are busy. Our days are crazy and our lives are full. The ability to wear and have 100 percent connectivity to the mothership (our smartphones!) is one of the best pieces of tech to ever come on the scene. My phone is never where it should be, but I still receive push notifications to my Apple Watch alerting me of calendar events, texts, emails, and even calls. I love the reliance of knowing I wont miss anything or anyone - most of the time. 

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Published on Feb 26, 2019 11:49:00 AM

Topics: Smart Home, Technology
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