If our homes are our castles, we should protect them like the fortresses they are. We might be in the home stretch of winter's long, dark days but we're still a ways out from those golden 9 pm sunsets of summer. Crime rates increase with darkness and the lack of light just adds another layer of insecurity when you're coming and going about your days. Annually, 3.7 million homes are broken into; that's one house every seven minutes of the day. 

At AVX, we have two words for you: home automation.


1. Shine Bright

Installing home automation systems like Control4 makes it easy to adapt your home's "mockupancy" status by selecting when and where to turn your house lights on even if you're not home. Personally, when I come through the door after a long day of work, kids' activities, hobbies, and other engagements I'm just so glad to be home. Having lights on before I even turn into the driveway makes me feel comforted and secure at the same time.

2. Welcome (& Warm) Home

Control4 can also automate your home's heating and cooling system to accommodate your schedule. Adjusting the heat levels to be at your preferred temperature when you're away from home during the day and automating it to be as toasty as you prefer when you walk back in the door is easy to configure. 

3. Seeing is Believing

A house lit up at nightAVX can install video monitoring systems to give you ungated access to your home and property right from your smartphone or device. At our house, we have a front door camera that shows us the angle of who or what is ringing our doorbell, whether it's a delivery, neighbor kid, or even someone unauthorized to be there.

For rural people living off the beaten path, you can do a step better than a doorstep camera and install a driveway camera to grant vehicle identification. There's no greater peace of mind that complete visual control over our most sacred spaces 24/7. 

4. Every Home Can Be a Control4 Home

One of the most frequent questions I hear is, what are my options if my home isn't brand-new? Yes, AVX can install and program Control4 home automation in any home, regardless of age. Our home, for example, is 40 years old. Everything I wanted - sound, theater, security, automation, outdoor space hookups - I can now proudly say our home offers. There's no cutting corners or scaling back on technology because your home might not be from this decade. Or century.

If your home is new or you're just in the building phase now, pre-wire. What does that mean? Pre-wiring a home for automation means including all necessary components, capabilities, and considerations for the A-V needs you have in the future. That's right. If you're carving out a media room or man's cave now but don't intend to fully utilize it upon move-in, have the foresight to pre-prep your home so when you are ready for that phase, it's simple (and cheaper!) to make it a reality. 

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Published on Feb 18, 2019 2:58:50 PM

Topics: Smart Home, Safety, Residential
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