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What's the avx difference?

Let's face the facts. In today's day and age, there are hundreds if not thousands of home automation companies all looking to make a profit. Each one will tell you they have the best home automation products or the best customer service. But you're not a fool, and you know a company's promise is often tossed to the side if it ever becomes a grievance to them. 

We started Audio Video Extremes for one specific purpose, and it has nothing to do with profits. When we started the company, we had to assess why we were doing it. We wanted to make something special and unique, and if we could feed our families while doing so, then it was just icing on the cake. 

What sets Audio Video Extremes apart from its competitors? At the end of the day, we're a family company that wants to make an impact on the families within our community. 

Empowering families

We wanted to diverge from traditional smart home companies. That's why we focus on home automation products that enrich the lives of families that come to us for help. We do this in a myriad of different ways, and we'll break down a few for you so that you can see how we do business and why we do business. 

Making your homes safer

Communities across the country are living in fear. The fear of crime is something that every homeowner can understand. It's getting harder and harder to even watch the news with all of the anxiety that comes from hearing the horror stories of burglaries or home invasions.

Audio Video Extremes is no stranger to this, as most of us are homeowners ourselves. But it doesn't stop at houses. 

Home automation control panel

No matter where you live, safety is often one of the highest concerns of renters as well. Smart home companies are quick to say that they have the solution, but are often unhelpful when asked to suggest a security system for you. 

We want to keep you and your home safe, which is why we'll work with you to craft the perfect solution for your house or apartment specifically. We also won't tax your wallet. If you have a budget, you can bet that we won't try to talk you into something exorbitant if you don't need it. 

Whether you need security cameras, motion-sensing lights, or an all-inclusive security system, AVX will work with you to make sure you can sleep with your family's safety at the back of your mind. 

Lending a helping hand

We also love home automation products in general. For the parents at our business, having automatic lights that come on to warn you that the little ones are going to the bathroom or automatic shades that help you get them out of bed can be the helping hand that a stressed parent needs. 

Smart home companies sell a whole range of products, but often they don't tailor a package for the working parents of the world. When you come to Audio Video Extremes for help, we don't try to sell you the automatic toaster; instead, we listen to your pain points and make suggestions to make raising a family a lot easier. 

Maybe you have trouble making breakfast for the kids and your spouse, maybe your work schedule is hectic and it's causing you to forget about closing the garage door, maybe it's as simple as not wanting to get back on your tired feet to turn off the living room lamps downstairs. We all have different pain points, Audio Video Extremes' aim is to solve as many of them as possible so you can relax as much as you deserve.

Become a full-blown entertainer

There are two types of people: ones that love to entertain and ones that wish they loved to entertain. Partnering with smart home companies can give you all the advantages you need to host friends and family (and even the kids) when you're having trouble getting it done.

home theater

Maybe you don't have problems hosting initially, but then the night hits a slump where people are getting bored. To solve that problem, we have a range of home automation products that can keep the party from stalling. If you need a home theater to wow your guests and distract your kids while you rest your eyes, we have it. Maybe you just want an amazing audio setup so you can wow your friends with music while they dine. Whatever it is, and whatever you hope to automate, we can help. 

A company for the people

We won't bore you with all of the promises you hear daily. About how we have the best products and services, and how we never compromise. Don't get us wrong, we believe all of those things about ourselves but there are plenty of home automation companies that aren't true to those statements. 

We promise you that, if you're looking to make your life at home just a bit easier or you love being at home but just wish it had a few more features, we can help you bring that dream to life. 

Why? Because we love seeing the happy customers that have made being stay-at-home parents, benevolent hosts, or just hard-working home bodies a little bit easier. Interested in how we can make your home life a lot easier? Schedule an appointment to see our showroom.

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Published on Jan 7, 2020 10:33:00 AM

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