Adding custom automation will make opening your restaurant much easier. Set the room temperature and customize your lighting and audio options with the click of a button. You can also pre-schedule your chosen options to further simplify the building automation. Now, closing after a long day can be as easy as pressing a button. What staff wouldn’t love that easy, dependable solution to security?


Audio Video Extremes does not cut corners; you will not see exposed or hanging cords and cables. We will ensure all aspects of your restaurant audio and video will be completed at the highest quality level to provide the ultimate dining experience for your patrons, guests, and staff.

Sports Bars

Audio Video Extremes of Minnesota has the single app capability to control any TV in your sports bar. Choose any source at any time with a mix of custom audio, video, and light capabilities to always score that wow factor for your patrons and guests.

Conference Rooms

Turn your conference or meeting room into a statement and atmosphere for success. Add one-button functionality to drop the shades, turn off the lights, and to start the projector for your presentation.


Visit our showrooms located in either Waite Park, Minnesota or West Fargo, North Dakota to view our conference room hidden wall speakers. They are functional while providing the highest quality sound experience with a seamless look that upholds your office or space’s integrity.

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