Technology continues to evolve which, in turn, betters life for most of humanity. Yet there’s still plenty to be said about unplugging and getting off the grid every once in a while. We have good news for you in that regard. With Audio Video Extremes, you’re protected with our 24/7 virtual security technician - an intuitive, real-time, and responsive alert system that promotes your property’s operation and level of standard every minute of every day, no matter where you happen to be … on the grid or off.

Your AVX virtual technician

It works to monitor the settings of your home or commercial property to ensure nothing happens without properly notifying you - and our team. Some people could say there’s nothing worse than returning from a long weekend to a fridge full of spoiled grocery items, but what’s even worse is fire or water damage that means more devastation to your property not to mention the potential of danger. That’s worse. And your AVX virtual technician works to protect you in every instance of threat.

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