For many, a smart home means technology that is current and easy to understand. While that’s true by definition, at AVX we believe smart homes are about being the exact way homeowners truly want to live. It’s about a better at-home experience covering everything from security and surveillance to automated lighting, stellar theater and sound systems, and complete control over the functionality of your home.


Imagine a smart home powered by AVX.

The space where you spend most of your time should serve you well. Creating a space that’s intuitive and reliable and meets the unique needs of your family is a smart home. How do you move through your daily rituals and routines? Imagine moving from task to task throughout your day without losing the soundtrack you’re listening to. Imagine warm, welcoming light at the end of a long and dark day away from home. Imagine tucking your kids and pets in for the night and having full peace of mind over their comfort and security.

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