Change the way you listen to music — forever. Fill your entire home with music or listen to a specific playlist in just one room. Wish you had continuous sound that followed you throughout your home and property? You’ll appreciate the flexibility to enjoy high-resolution music, your way.

With Control4, your interaction with music is visually stunning. Album cover art is boldly showcased and it’s easy to locate your favorite artists and track information on your smartphone, touch screen, or TV.


View the following image or visit our showroom to see how well our speakers will blend into your home.

  • Enjoy access to millions of songs and thousands of artists through popular streaming services — such as Pandora, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, TuneIn, and iTunes—without need for extra gear.
  • Play classical in the den, jazz in the kitchen, and rock in your kids’ room, all at the same time.
  • Send music from virtually any source, including your smartphone or tablet, to any room in your house. You can even allow your guests to stream their own music collection from their portable devices. It’s that easy.
  • Manage the volume, start or stop music, and even control your lights with a single tap.

We carry the following speaker brands: Focal, Paradigm, Martin Logan, Golden Ear, and Bose.

Multi-room Video

Deliver superior sound, stunning video, and an incredible entertainment experience in every room throughout your home or across your property with home automation.

Share your entire movie library, streaming video, and satellite channels in every room — no need for set-top boxes or multiple video sources. Consolidate all of your audio and video equipment into a tidy little closet, creating a clutter-free installation and appealing home design.

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