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Bang & Olufsen - Elevate Your Sound Experience

Bang & Olufsen speakers blend stunning aesthetics with peak performance, perfect for any setting. Explore our curated selection of Bang & Olufsen products below. 

Bang & Olufsen - Elevate Your Sound Experience

Bang & Olufsen speakers blend stunning aesthetics with peak performance, perfect for any setting. Explore our curated selection of Bang & Olufsen products below. 


Transform your home's ambiance with just a tap on your smartphone, and immerse yourself in superior sound quality from high-end speakers designed for audiophiles.

Expert Audio Design

Bang & Olufsen has been synonymous with hifi audio, exceptional craftsmanship, and distinctive design for almost 100 years. Their offerings blend functionality with aesthetic elegance, meticulously constructed from premium materials. Feel the thrill of pristine sound with a simple press of a button. Bang & Olufsen delivers elite home audio fidelity. Seamlessly connect your whole home with a speaker system that travels with your rhythm. Vary your music from room to room or synchronize your speakers for unified harmony – control your soundtrack your way. For the cinephiles, our soundbars and home theater systems encapsulate the essence of cinematic scores right in your living space. As a certified Bang & Olufsen partner, we're here to foster a complete sound experience in your home. Delve into Bang & Olufsen's collection to discover the perfect solution to complement your lifestyle.

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Easy to Control

Enjoy complete control with Bang & Olufsen sound systems boasting wireless technology for managing multiple speakers via a single remote or app. Innovative proximity sensors in the speakers detect you, instantly bringing the control interface to life in your space.

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Reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connections

Synchronize your speakers throughout your home using Wi-Fi for lossless audio quality, or enjoy streaming to your portable Bang & Olufsen speakers over Bluetooth.

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Effortless Speaker Integration

Utilize the Stereo Pairing feature to wirelessly link two identical speakers, crafting a rich stereo soundscape. Alternatively, connect speakers in various rooms for a unified experience.

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Built-In Amplifiers

The built-in amplifiers within Bang & Olufsen speakers ensure robust power and sound delivery directly to your system, eliminating the need for external components. Simply connect and immerse yourself in the music.

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Bang & Olufsen App

Harness the power of the Bang & Olufsen app on your smartphone or tablet to easily link with every speaker in your home, refine sound settings, and craft your own unique "listening modes."

Beolab 90 Bang & Olufsen Speaker

Beolab 90

premium floorstanding speakers.

The Beolab 90 is the pinnacle of floorstanding loudspeaker design, offered in a selection of luxurious colors and finishes. It dynamically adjusts its audio to fit your space, ensuring unmatched sound quality.

Beolab 8 Bang & Olufsen Speaker

Beolab 8

sound perfection in every direction

Bang & Olufsen introduces three distinct audio marvels: a surround-sound titan, an unparalleled solo performer, and an immersive stereo sensation. The revelation? They converge in one speaker. The Beolab 8 epitomizes adaptability. Experience its brilliance as a solitary unit to harmonize in any arrangement, and excel in any location.

Beosound Bollard Bang & Olufsen Speaker

Beosound Bollard

acoustic elegance from the ground up

Crafted with outdoor elegance in mind, the Beosound Bollard by Bang & Olufsen offers robust sound for any outdoor setting. Effortlessly pair and manage with your chosen device for sound that moves with you.

Beoplay A9 Bang & Olufsen Speaker

Beoplay A9

sleek simplicity, and astounding acoustics.

A marvel of design, the Beoplay A9 fills any space up to 1,000 square feet with sound. Its distinctive circular form, supported by oak legs or wall-mounted, sets it apart in style and function.

Beosound Balance Bang & Olufsen Speaker

Beosound Balance

crystal-clear sound in all directions.

This modern, circular speaker projects full-bodied sound from every angle, resting on a base of elegant oak or luxurious marble. An ideal sound solution for enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Beolab 28  Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Beolab 28

striking floorstanding speakers with real oak.

The slender silhouette belies its power. The Beolab 28 marries a sleek design with sonic superiority, elevating any home entertainment or audio space.

Beolab 18

architects of audio.

Engineered to perfection, the Beolab 18 stands on sleek aluminum columns with wooden slats that project sound beautifully, embodying both form and function.

Beolab 19 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Beolab 19

the powerhouse subwoofer by Bang & Olufsen.

Hear deep, precise bass that brings every scene and song to life, courtesy of the Beolab 19's supreme capabilities–all delivered through a seamless wireless installation. 

Beolab 50 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Beolab 50

sophisticated sound for the discerning ear.

With its striking presence and adaptive audio, this speaker adjusts its performance to suit your listening environment, perfect for solo listening or lively gatherings.

Beosound Shape Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Beosound Shape

versatile, wall-mounted speaker system

Offering enveloping sound, a customizable appearance, and built-in noise reduction. This system is a dream for those who appreciate aesthetics as much as acoustics.

    Cinematic Experience

    Encounter unparalleled sonic harmony with Bang & Olufsen's home entertainment solutions.

    Beosound Theater Bang & Olufsen Bar

    Beosound Theatre

    revolutionizing sound.

    This soundbar features four groundbreaking acoustic technologies in a single elegant design, delivering immersive audio from every direction. Universally compatible with any TV and built for years to come.

    BeoVision Eclipse  Bang & Olufsen Bar

    Beovision Eclipse

    the ultimate TV and sound ensemble.

    Boasting the pinnacle of TV audio excellence, the Beovision Eclipse seamlessly melds with your living space and lifestyle.

    BeoVision Harmony  Bang & Olufsen Speaker

    Beovision Harmony

    witness the magic.

    Prepare to be captivated by the visuals and performance: dynamic speakers part ways, elevating the screen into an engaging display.

    BeoVision Contour  Bang & Olufsen Speaker

    Beovision Contour

    stunning OLED display with unmatched audio.

    Elegantly minimalist, this TV combines sleek design with a robust award-winning sound. 

    BeoSound Stage  Bang & Olufsen Bar

    Beosound Stage

    elevated acoustics, flawless integration.

    Enhance any TV with the rich, full sound of Bang & Olufsen with this versatile soundbar, no subwoofer required.

    BeoRemote One  Bang & Olufsen remote

    Beoremote One

    ultimate control tailored to you.

    The Beoremote One simplifies your Bang & Olufsen systems, offering customizable control over your entire audiovisual system.

    Headphones & Portables

    Your soundtrack, wherever you go.


    Enjoy unparalleled sound on the go with Bang & Olufsen's premium wireless headphones. Featuring advanced noise cancellation, personalized sound settings, and Dolby Atmos, you're assured of exceptional audio performance anywhere.

    Ready to elevate your listening experience? Discover the difference firsthand in our showroom featuring Bang & Olufsen headphones.

    Beoplay H95 Bang & Olufsen Headphones
    Beoplay H95
    Beoplay HX Bang & Olufsen Headphones
    Beoplay HX
    Beoplay EX Bang & Olufsen Headphones
    Beoplay EX
      Beosound Balance Bang & Olufsen Speakers

      Beosound Balance

      crisp, full sound from every angle.

      This sleek, round speaker projects 360-degree audio from either an oak or marble foundation, ideal for enhancing any space.

      Beosound A1 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

      Beosound A1

      waterproof and adventure-proof.

      The A1 boasts remarkably powerful drivers for a portable speaker, effortlessly filling any space with rich sound.

      Beosound Level  Bang & Olufsen Speakers

      Beosound Level

      versatile and portable with powerful audio.

      Adaptable to any position—upright, horizontal, or mounted—the Beosound Level delivers your favorite music with up to 16 hours of battery life.

      Beolit 20  Bang & Olufsen Speakers

      BeoLit 20

      mighty Bluetooth speaker

      Amplify every occasion. The Beolit 20 delivers robust, portable sound, ensuring your tracks make an impact wherever you are.

      Beosound 1 Bang & Olufsen Speakers

      Beosound 1

      portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker

      Set it down in any room. Connect and control solo or in sync. This versatile wireless speaker offers all-around sound for effortless audio enjoyment.

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