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Outdoor Living

Long-Lasting Outdoor Speaker Systems, Lighting & More 

Make the outdoors a part of your Minnesota home with expertly installed outdoor entertainment and landscape lighting. 


Outdoor Entertainment, from the Patio to the Pool

Spend more time outside with a weatherproof AV and landscape lighting installation that highlights the natural beauty of your backyard and garden spaces.

Elevate your outdoor areas with top-tier outdoor audio systems and glare-resistant televisions.

Preserve nature’s beauty with architectural speakers and hidden wiring that beautifully blend in.

Heightened peace of mind through video analysis and instant live surveillance feeds.

Extend your internet connection with wired and wireless network solutions built to endure all weather.

Monitor your properties from any location with remote control over lighting, security, and surveillance.

Elevate your preferred entertainment with a high-performance speaker installation and personalized controls. 

Covered Porch

Maximize your covered porch or patio with a weatherproof entertainment system and remotely controlled fireplace for the ultimate cozy atmosphere. 

Common Solutions
Motorized Screens · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Audio · Outdoor Lighting · Fireplace Controls · Wi-Fi · Surveillance · Smart Security · Smart Home Control
covered porch with outdoor tvs and warm red tones

Motorized Screens

Keep insects, glare, and pollen out of your covered porch or patio with motorized outdoor shades. Plus, you’ll automatically prevent outdoor furniture from fading. 

Fireplace Controls

Experience the cozy ambiance of a firelit evening with convenient fireplace controls. Easily adjust timers, temperature, and wave modulation from the comfort of your patio chair.

Weather-Proof Video Displays

Gather friends and family under the stars for your next movie night with a weather-resistant and ultra-bright outdoor TV.


Showcase your cars in their best light and enjoy time spent in the garage with radiant lighting and integrated audio systems. 

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Multi-room Audio · LED Lighting · Hidden Audio Video · Surveillance · Video Displays · Smart Security
brown home at dusk after rain

LED Lighting

Elevate your garage's ambiance with eye-catching LED fixtures and strip lighting, offering a wide range of intense and bright color options to complement your vehicles' paint jobs. 


Unusual activity in or outside the garage? Receive instant alerts from your security system and monitor live surveillance footage. 

Multi-room Audio

Tinkering away in the garage? Enjoy your favorite music over in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that sync with the rest of the house. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy al fresco dining and entertainment with enhanced lighting and high-end audio-visual technology that enhances any meal from morning to night. 

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Smart Home Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
outdoor kitchen of a modern home by a pool and a neon lighted living area

Outdoor Sound System

Sync outdoor speakers to your indoor sound system and enjoy high-fidelity sound over weatherproof landscape audio. 

Lighting Control

Cultivate the perfect mood for dinner or drinks after dark with custom lighting scenes that illuminate your space like a restaurant patio. 

Smart Home Control

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or relaxing in the hammock, control your outdoor lighting, audio, video, and pool from one smart system. 


Who needs a rooftop bar when your own patio is enhanced by gorgeous landscape lighting and high-fidelity outdoor audio? 

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
father and son sitting outside at the evening playing games together

Weather-Proof Video Displays

Upgrade your exterior entertainment with 4K video screens that are weather-proof and anti-glare, creating your own outdoor home theater.

High-Performance Audio

Soundtrack days and nights on the patio with high-performance, weatherproof speakers that sync to your indoor audio system for seamless music enjoyment. 


By implementing a strong network design and strategically-located access points, you can guarantee a stable and uninterrupted connection no matter where you are on your property.

Pool / Spa

Create your very own resort by effortlessly controlling the pool, hot tub, and customized audio and lighting settings from one smart system

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Outdoor Entertainment · Surveillance · Wi-Fi · Underwater Audio · Pool & Spa Automation · Outdoor Lighting
outdoor lounge area with a pool and motorized TV lift by Nexus 21

Outdoor Lighting

Transform your backyard with thoughtfully positioned landscape lighting that automatically adjusts to the time of day, improving your home's ambiance and security.

Outdoor Entertainment

Enjoy your favorite entertainment poolside with ultra-bright, weather-resistant TVs and weatherproof surround sound. 

Pool & Spa Automation

Enhance your pool experience with integrated systems that control water features and lighting while automating everyday pool equipment operations.

Sport Courts

Shoot hoops or enjoy a tennis match at night under adjustable landscape lights while outdoor audio energizes your game. 

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Outdoor Audio · Outdoor Lighting · High-Performance Audio · Surveillance · Acoustic Treatments
home in the midwest with a tennis court in their backyard

Outdoor Speaker System

Boost the mood while enjoying some friendly competition with permanently-installed, premium outdoor speakers. 

Outdoor Lighting

Play late into the night with a smart lighting system that expands your living spaces and improves safety. 


Keep an eye on your indoor and outdoor courts from anywhere, at any time. Receive notifications on your smartphone if any unauthorized activity is detected.


No matter what your vision is, we'll bring it to life. Contact us today to upgrade your outdoor entertainment area in Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. 


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