Smart home technology is no longer futuristic or deemed a luxury upgrade

It’s the full expectation of today’s homeowners. For over a decade, AVX has led the charge on innovative and brilliant technology that makes homes and commercial properties work smarter, more integrated and amplifies the sight and sound of any media experience you could imagine.


Our Services

Smart homes

Technology for your home is smarter than ever - and it extends beyond fashion well into function. It’s no longer about luxury or unnecessary components; the smart homes AVX helps create save you time, eliminate stress, and make your living quarters a better place to live. And hey, a place your kids (or grandkids!) will actually clamor to spend time in. Now that’s smart.

Residential Security

Protecting your home shouldn't be an afterthought - or a luxury. Determining the safety and security of your property can be established with a single visit to AVX. We'll show you how easy - and necessary - it is to protect your space. Want to protect your exterior? That’s no problem. Looking to protect your interior - people are your most precious asset, make sure they stay safe and sound no matter what’s on the other side of the door - like a busy road or open water.

Commercial Security

You can't put a price on security for your business or commercial property. A security system for your business provides a bigger peace of mind, meets the needs of your insurance plans, and protects your employees - and you. A commercial security system adds surveillance and monitoring for both external and internal threats against your business' safety, security, and bottom line.

Commercial A/V

Lights on, sound up. That’s the way we like it. At AVX, we've been building commercial sound and visual systems for decades. We specialize in A/V solutions in the hospitality industry, schools, business and training centers, sporting events and venues, recreation and entertainment, schools, and retail spaces. We can design and install audio and visual technology that’s reliable and easy to use - that’s our promise.


Turn your car into the ultimate sensory machine with an unrivaled sound system from Audio Video Extremes. For us, it's a fine art; it's a combination of providing the best power, quality, and installation in every vehicle we service. Frequency, sensitivity, power, and enclosure type are all components of the best vehicle A/V system for your car, truck, or recreation vehicle.

Why the audio video business?

Because we’re audiophiles. This business was built on passion and the “extreme” side of music and movies as hobbies. We equate quality with goosebumps and sound as memory inducers. AVX exists because we wanted to help people achieve their dreams when it comes to sight and sound - at home, at work, dining out, or driving into the sunset. 

Live Smarter, Safer, Easier

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