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Our Design Build Technology Services

As technology professionals, we're proud of our standardized design-build process that guarantees you receive a dependable, high-quality solution that meets your performance expectations.
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In all our technology installations, from smart lights to home automation services, we aim for exceptional professionalism with a reliable and transparent process. We ensure you’re well-informed about all expectations, with clear insight into timelines and budgets.

from our first meeting to the final results

Whether you're new to our services and starting a construction project, or you're already a customer in need of support, we're here to help. We strive to be problem solvers and have our team of experts who are well-informed, attentive, and prepared to address your concerns. Our technicians are certified, skilled, and deeply committed to every project they undertake. We take great pride in nurturing long-term relationships with our esteemed customers. Reach out to us today!

1. Discovery Process:

The journey begins with a personalized discussion, during which we explore your requirements and preferences in order to craft a tailored system for your home or business. We dedicate the time to understanding your lifestyle, hobbies, and any budget or space limitations. Through this process, we gain insights that enable us to finely tune the system's functionality and features to best suit your needs.

2. System Design & Engineering:

The next step involves utilizing the insights gathered from the initial discovery meetings to develop the design for your system, ensuring it aligns with your performance preferences and budget. This proposal offers a comprehensive overview of the subsystems allocated to each room, detailing the expected features and functionalities of lighting, audio, video, and networking. We will review this proposal with you, incorporating your feedback before proceeding. Following the approval of this initial proposal, we will employ state-of-the-art technology and detailed project drawings to generate thorough documentation for our technicians. This documentation will outline hardware models, labor needs, low-voltage wiring requirements, lighting load specifications, engineering schematics, and rack elevations. Adhering closely to these plans guarantees that the completed project faithfully reflects the approved design.

3. Implementation Process:

Once at the job site, our technicians arrange all essential low-voltage wiring and device enclosures. With an understanding of each subsystem's different needs, our technicians adeptly install and test all devices to match the original documentation. How long will it take? Project duration will depend on scope and any change that may arise. Any alterations made during this phase are incorporated into the pertinent as-built documentation.

4. Service & Support:

Even after completion, we continue to provide our customers top-tier service to maintain their technology over the years. How can you maximize your system's performance? All documentation is retained for future servicing, manufacturer warranties are assured, and we provide continuous technical support. Our curated service packages include 24/7 remote monitoring, network performance evaluations, and priority response times.


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